Oakhaven Capital was established in 2011 by Johan Roos,  Jeremy Berman & Michael Creedon.
Bruce Thistlewhite joined the team in October 2013.  The investment team is supported by Michael Creedon who manages operations and marketing.

Johan, Jeremy and Bruce all worked together at Standard Bank South Africa. Johan Roos was Director & Head of Rate Trading. Bruce Thistlewhite was Director & Head of Money Market Trading & Funding.  Jeremy Berman was responsible for trading & market making the SA government yield curve as well as actively trading the SA Interest rate derivative curve out to 30 years.

In July 2016, Jeremy left the day to day running of the business to concentrate on property businesses.

Together Johan, Bruce and Michael have over 54 years of cumulative experience in SA Fixed Income & Emerging Markets.


Johan Roos

Johan Roos


Johan began his trading career at Morgan Guaranty Trust in Johannesburg in 1998. At Morgan he was in charge of repo trading on South Africa government debt and progressed onto the money market and short dated FX trading and interest rate trading.

From there he joined Standard Bank’s interest rate derivative trading desk.

By the time he left he had to set up Oakhaven Capital he had become the Director and Head of Interest Rate Trading for Standard Bank South Africa, was a member of the Corporate & Investment Banks Global Markets Treasury Exco. He was also a voting member of Standard Banks Interest Rate View and Outlook committee, sat on the banks trading book ALCO.

He represented Standard Bank at the JSE’s OTC market forum as well as the JSE’s Bond Exchange primary dealers association.

He participated in various market guiding forums in the Fixed Income and Interest Rate Derivative markets. At Standard Bank he was responsible for all local interest rate trading businesses as well as G7 trading. This involved actively trading and market making all Interest rate and Interest rate derivative products, managing client flows, executing and managing these exposures. Trading the bank’s capital in local, African and foreign markets.

Michael Creedon

Michael Creedon


Michael began his career with Cantor Fitzgerald building the desk covering South African Interest rate derivatives working in both London & Johannesburg. From Johannesburg he returned to London to build an Emerging Market business for GNI (now Man Financial).

In 2001 he joined Cedef which at the time owed by Decillion ,in 2004 he tried to MBO Cedef before advising Landsbanki Kepler on the purchase of Cedef to grow their business in Emerging Markets.

In 2008 he was part of the 7 strong management team that MBo’d Kepler from Landsbanki during the Iceland crisis. By the time he left Kepler he was Managing Director, Head of Emerging Markets and Equity Derivatives business line covering the global Emerging Market space with a front office of 30 brokers. He was a director of Kepler Holding and a member of the Kepler Executive board.

Bruce Thistlewhite

Bruce Thistlewhite


Bruce Thistlewhite has joined Johannesburg-based Oakhaven Capital as of August 1, teaming up with former Standard Bank colleagues Johan Roos and Jeremy Berman on the investment side.

Thistlewhite started at Standard Bank in 1999, helping with the euro conversion before joining the money market desk in May 2001, where he became director and head of money market trading and funding by the time he left in 2010.

He managed the liquidity, funding and interest rate risk for the rand and foreign currency portfolios for the bank together with asset and liability management. He managed a staff of 25 people, also sitting on the bank’s asset and liability management committee.

Thistlewhite has been managing his own money since then, looking to launch a collective investment scheme as his own venture before deciding to join Oakhaven.




Sound corporate governance at all levels is a prerequisite for all financial services companies. In line with these principles, the document outlines Oakhaven Capital’s policy with regards to Conflicts of Interest. Click here to download.